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italy - a must see destination

A country that has it all for your Gay Travel Italy. The most visited historic sites in the world, the most romantic cities and villages and  the best food. The coolest fashion and design, the most dramatic coastlines and the most impressive and beautiful mountain ranges. 

But most of all: the most welcoming, fun and friendly people. Because of their colorful history Italians have a rather skeptical attitude towards discrimination and regulations set by authorities. In other words they don’t like to be told what or who to like  or not. So yes, they are very catholic and yes, the Italian mama still prefers her sons to be married to nice, Italian girls but overall everybody stays friendly, open-minded and caring towards travelers that respect the country and its customs. 

The mission of the typical Italian is to make everyone comfortable and welcome. That’s why Italy is a rather relaxed country where LGBTQ travelers can feel at ease and at home.  No matter if they want to explore one of the famous cities like Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence or Naples or rather venture off the beaten path to the picturesque villages of the hinterland.

Eingangsweg vom Haupttor zur Villa Barca
Il Segreto di pietrafitta
Bellaugello gay guest house

italy - country of Diversity

Fans of historical sites find Italy being an open-air museum. A country to discover the paths of the Ancient Greeks and the Roman Empire. Indulge in the rich history of the papacy or the struggles of Renaissance autocrats.

Cosmopolitan travelers can enjoy the fun nightlife and elegant shopping of cities like Milan and Naples. Sun aficionados have plenty of coastline to explore from the breathtaking Riviera in Liguria in the north, to the beautiful Sicilian coastline in the South. Gay Travel Italy discovers everything in the hinterland, vineyards, hilltop towns, hidden places and so much more. It doesn’t matter if you prefer mountain biking, hiking, free climbing, trekking, or just relaxing the possibilities to enjoy nature are endless.

Italians have mastered living happily by perfecting a quality blend of food, family, and good humor. “La Dolce Vita” sums it up: In Italy one can truly find “the sweet, good life”. Find out for yourselves!

World Heritage

With 55 sites within its borders, Italy takes the crown as the country with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
As the birthplace of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance, Italy has an abundance of culture: 50 of its 55 sites are cultural and 5 are natural.

Art & History

Italy has been, since antiquity, the centre of history, culture and art. Museums, collections and archaeological sites reveal countless tokens of the past and the many civilizations that have passed across this country, evidence of which is still inextricably woven into the present day landscape.

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